A true pioneer and leading voice in integrative medicine, Dr. Eliaz presents a profound yet practical model of healing through fascinating research and inspirational patient stories. The Survival Paradox is a much-needed paradigm shift that offers life-changing inspiration and guidance for deep, transformative healing on all levels. A must-read!”

Dr. Josh Axe

A true scientist, creative thinker, and healer, Dr. Eliaz has made a unique contribution to our health and healing. In The Survival Paradox, he delves into both science and spirituality, inspiring and transforming the reader while educating about his crucial discovery of the “survival paradox”—namely, that our survival imperative contains the seeds of our own destruction! How and why it happens and what we can do to detect and then remedy it unfolds through fascinating personal and professional stories.

Hyla Cass, MD

In this breakthrough work, noted scientist and clinician Dr. Isaac Eliaz will guide you on a journey of healing and discovery. You'll learn how, scientifically, you can create the resonance that leads to optimal health. A word of caution: after finishing The Survival Paradox, you will forever view well-being through an entirely new paradigm.

Peter Bongiorno, ND

Thanks to Dr. Isaac Eliaz, I have been following the galectin-3 story in my medical practice for more than twenty-five years. The Survival Paradox will introduce you to this revolutionary, little-known molecule that should become a household term for anyone seeking to prevent or reverse aging and chronic disease. Thoughtful and provocative, The Survival Paradox should be read by all seeking a better and healthier life. Certainly, a book ahead of its time!

Allan Magaziner, DO

There are doctors, and there are healers. Dr. Isaac Eliaz is both. From the opening pages of The Survival Paradox to the end, the reader is guided through an engaging experience. Dr. Eliaz weaves together the latest science with timeless body-mind-spirit wisdom. The result is a compelling journey that inspires, informs, and transforms.

Mark Tager, MD

This book is brilliant! It contains a wealth of information drawn from Dr. Eliaz’s decades of medical research and clinical practice—boiled down perfectly to provide practical application to daily life with the power to overcome your chronic health challenges while healing your mind, body, and soul. Dr. Eliaz’s wisdom, compassion, and understanding shine through.

Myriah Hinchey, ND

Dr. Eliaz does here what no other physician, author, presenter, or fellow human has done in the past: recognize, define, and demonstrate the survival paradox. This unique work is a gift to the reader and guides them to understand hidden stressors and how neutralization of galectin-3 can stabilize the survival response to address modern-day maladies that affect humans globally.

Dan Rubin, ND FABNO

This is not another step-by-step “how to reverse aging” manual. Rather, it provides a truly holistic, complete, and multidimensional perspective on health, disease, and healing. This book is more than worth your time and can be life-changing! I highly recommend it.

Roger Billica, MD

For the last three decades, through my medical clinic, my two nonprofit organizations, and through collaboration with leading academic institutions across the globe, I’ve researched and treated cancer and complex diseases using integrative medicine—the synergistic combination of Western medical treatments and complementary therapies drawn from different systems. 

The fundamental intention of this holistic approach is to open more doors for recovery, transformation, and healing so that patients emerge with greater strength, vitality, and a more profound and satisfying experience of life itself. While considering the whole picture in both disease and healing, my research kept bringing me back to the survival paradox, what drives it, and how we do or don’t recover from it.

"Dr. Isaac Eliaz has unique insights on the cause and treatment of multiple diseases. His
expansive training and expertise as a physician, scientist, and integrative medicine
practitioner allow him to approach health and disease from a systems-based, complex
perspective, resulting in him being a true healer. Dr. Eliaz’s evidence-based, scientifically
sound approach presents a cutting-edge model that he has been refining for more than
thirty years. The Survival Paradox provides us access to Dr. Eliaz’s wisdom on preventing
and treating diseases. Eloquently weaving personal experience, patient stories, and
science, this book will transform lives as it contains a multitude of actionable
recommendations to reverse and prevent multiple diseases." —
Lorenzo Cohen, PhD, Professor and Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center and co-author of Anticancer Living: Transform Your Life and Health
with the Mix of Six

For more than a quarter century, I have received the unique care of Dr. Isaac Eliaz. I have
learned that the treatment of any ailment is profoundly affected by the relationship we have with
our own healing. Thanks to Isaac, I now know it as a partnership rather than a struggle. This
book will help you understand these invaluable lessons it takes many a lifetime to accept. —
Jason Rezaian, Global Opinions Writer for the Washington Post and author of Prisoner: My
544 Days in an Iranian Prison

I’ve been trained in diverse systems including Western allopathic medicine, traditionalChinese medicine, acupuncture, and others. I’ve extensively studied and practiced Buddhist meditation and mind-body healing methods, Western and Eastern herbal pharmacopeia, and served as the personal physician to renowned Buddhist masters all over the world.

Collaborating with academic institutions and co authoring peer-reviewed studies is asimportant in my training as the time I’ve spent with monks in remote mountains.The integration of these studies and experiences has allowed me to develop a truly holistic, multidimensional perspective on health, disease, and healing. 

Above all, I have learned to let go of the expectations and dogmatic paradigms of our current medical systems, conventional and alternative. People often say I think “outside the box,” to which I respond that there was never a box to begin with. There was just the perception of one.

Are you ready to break out of survival mode and unlock your infinite healing potential?